Financial Advisors Using Seminars: This cutting-edge strategy will reach 300% more prospects and cost 69% LESS than “traditional” seminars… Do you want more leads on autopilot?


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If acquiring new clients is critical to your business goals in 2019, you should keep reading. If you’re tired of giving seminars and are frustrated by the way they suck up your resources, you should definitely keep reading.

If you’ve hosted seminars in the past, then you know they are expensive, labor intensive, and a huge drain on your time.

Here’s a scary thought: some advisers will never grow beyond seminar marketing. They will spend the rest of their careers mailing postcards and feeding strangers.

But that doesn’t have to be you.

In fact, by combining two proven technologies that are currently used successfully in other industries, you may never have to give another seminar again.


Seminar Freedom is an automated marketing machine that:

• Turns one day of your time into hundreds of seminars - that can run 24/7/365

• Automates your marketing to capture leads, boost attendance, and convert cold leads into hot prospects - without taking up any more of your time

• Scales your seminar program to reach thousands more people each month - while improving your work/life balance and freeing up your time

• Tracks every click, registration, and lead in a simple dashboard - giving you powerful insight into the effectiveness of your marketing

See the Seminar Freedom Studio in Action

Get My Seminar Freedom Plan

Here’s how your automated video marketing program works:



No standing in front of plate lickers each month.

No mailing out thousands of postcards.

No restaurant costs or staff time devoted to event management.

You won’t have to make that drive back home or to the office where you wonder “Will any of those people even show up for an appointment?”

Instead of postcards, you’ll use a full digital marketing campaign to capture traffic through online advertising, social media posts, email blasts, and a banner on your website.

An optimized landing page will use a short teaser video to drive registrations (who then become your leads!).

Instead of time-consuming follow-up, you’ll use automated email marketing to qualify leads and nurture them in your sales funnel.


We have a growing library of ready-to-go presentations that cover a wide range of topics and audiences:

  • Business Owners
  • Retirement for High-Net-Worth Investors
  • Taxes and Social Security
  • Medical Costs & Long-Term Care
  • Niche

Imagine taking a month off from delivering seminars.

Imagine taking a whole year off. Picture using that time on the golf course, with your family, or on the strategic planning your practice needs to grow.

Now imagine that instead of stagnating, your sales funnel continues to fill, leads keep rolling in, and you can track every step from wherever you are.

That’s the power of video + automated marketing.

The flexibility to control your own schedule. The confidence of knowing that your webinar is always generating leads. The freedom to choose how you want to build your practice - now and tomorrow.


I’ll give you three reasons.


Webinar Attendees are Already Seeking Advice (Not Free Meals)

Unlike people browsing your blog, YouTube channel, or cruising your Facebook page, attendees of a webinar are already looking for advice and solutions to a problem. No one attends a webinar because they had nothing better to do (unlike a seminar with a free meal).

By capturing leads from webinar registrations, you are building a list of people who need advice and are primed for further contact. By capturing full contact information through a question form, you’re getting deeper engagement with hot prospects and building a profile you can use to market to them more effectively.


Your Webinar Positions You as the Authority

Unlike a random video sitting on your website, a webinar is a scheduled event that has priority on your attendees’ calendars. This priority helps build your authority as an expert. The professional studio background and visuals of your webinar heighten your authority. Unlike a radio show, blog, or podcast, a webinar still feels personal to the viewer because they see you and get to interact through the question form. You’ll build on that initial trust as prospects move through the sales funnel.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your clients and prospects gave you the same automatic respect as the pros they see on television?


We Use Proven Psychological Techniques to Convert Passive Viewers Into Active Prospects

Your webinar is far more than a static presentation. It’s a funnel, carefully designed to attract viewers, convert them to leads, and then qualify them into hot prospects.

We designed each automated webinar campaign from the top down using proven “open loop” and “cliffhanger” techniques that give prospects just enough information to compel them to move on to the next stage. It's the same psychological techniques used by Hollywood to get us to watch the next episode.

Here’s how:

  • An optimized ad, email, or social post that responds to a fear or concern your target audience is experiencing
  • A 60-second teaser video that agitates the problem and compels the viewer to register for your webinar
  • A webinar that gives prospects just 80% of the answer, so they are compelled to engage further and ask questions, capturing full lead contact information
  • Follow-up emails that delve further into the theme and present a free consultation as a natural solution to the problem

Bottom line, here’s why top producers (and those who want to become top producers) should be using webinars to fill their sales funnels:


  • Are much more affordable than hosting traditional live events
  • Expose your expertise to a wider audience
  • Are endlessly repeatable - saving you a ton of time and allowing your practice to scale
  • Impress prospects and clients with its modern production value - and show that your firm adapts with the times
  • Can be tracked, measured, and optimized to improve your sales process

This is why so many of the nation’s largest and most successful companies have turned to using a combination of video, marketing automation, and online advertising to grow their business.


- The Annuitas Group and Aberdeen

Do you know how your marketing performs?

We do.

Can your current marketing company prove its value?

We can.

How do our campaigns compare? What does 'good' look like? What can we improve? We ask ourselves these questions every day as we work to increase the ROI of our campaigns.

We spend hours every month reviewing the latest high-quality statistics and adjusting our campaigns so our clients don’t have to!

Here are the benchmarks we use to judge the performance of Seminar Freedom campaigns:

As you can see, results do vary. What differentiates “low” and “high” performers? A few things are:


Ability to deliver a compelling webinar


Willingness to take our advice and follow our proven formulas


Targeting webinars toward a specific audience (specific performs better than general)


Sticking with the program long enough to tweak and refine results

There are even more benefits to a webinar program:

  • Impress website visitors
  • Educate your clients
  • Rekindle relationship with old prospects
  • Written a book? Use this to promote it!
  • Are you one of the few advisers who public seminars are still working for? Use this to help you boost attendance and re-engage with no-shows
  • Reach the children of your current clients
  • Showcase your modern edge
  • Look just as good as the personal finance experts on TV
  • Even attract prospects from all over the country if desired!

And finally -- this is a big one -- finally reach those HNW investors who will never attend a public event, but will watch one from the privacy of their own home.

And we take care of everything for you!

  • Nothing to mail
  • No restaurants to book
  • No materials to print
  • No meals to buy
  • We produce it for you
  • We host it for you
  • We advertise it for you
  • We nurture the prospects for you
  • We convert the prospects into leads for you!

100% automated! Your business growth machine is streamlined and consistently working for you!

But, maybe your practice is different. Maybe live seminars are truly the most effective way to market your practice to mass affluent investors. You probably know dozens of top producers who built their practices exactly this way. But while they’re spending hours every month prepping, promoting, delivering, and following up on seminars...

You’re buying your time back for high-growth business activities, more personal time, more family time...more of what you want out of your life.

What are you currently doing to boost the leads you get from your seminar program in 2019?

If you’re happy staying at your current level, that’s great! Or if you know exactly what you’re going to do to grow your leads by 3x or more, then candidly, this program is not for you.

Does your current seminar program do all this?

Promote your presentation to a wide, qualified audience with:

• High converting online advertising
• Social media
• Email
• Website banners

Turn visitors into viewers with:

• 60-second teaser video - agitating their concerns and boosting engagement with your webinar
• High-conversion landing page
• Lead capture registration form

Professional studio production:

• Dedicated studio space for Seminar Freedom clients
• Customizable green screen backdrop puts you where your prospects are
• Trained studio staff to prep you and get the most out of your studio time
• Professionally designed visuals and scripts to fit the campaign
• Personalizable sections make each webinar yours

Convert cold viewers into warm leads using:

• Reminder emails that tease more information
• Professional studio production with engaging visuals - a ~$15-20k value per presentation
• Proven cliffhanger techniques that push viewers to ask questions - capturing more lead information for your funnel

Qualify warm leads into hot prospects with:

• The proven 80% technique that leaves viewers wanting more information
• Full information capture to submit questions during the presentation
• Appointment requests

Nurture leads automatically post-webinar with:

• Follow-up emails that tease additional information and close with a free appointment

Track every step in a dashboard so you know exactly where each dollar goes.


Great! Here is how the process works:
You select your video package and advertising package, determining how much you want to invest in the program.
Our pre-production team works with you to get your presentation ready and to collect all the assets so we can personalize the studio for you.
You purchase your plane ticket to a nearby airport here on the Sunny East Coast of Florida. We send a driver to pick you up from the airport and bring you to a nearby hotel on the beach where you can rest up for the night. We spend a day in the studio together, coaching you through the entire filming process.
You go back to your home and your business. We handle all of the post-production. Then together, we'll finalize all the key elements, including selecting the prospect profile you want to market to and getting your final campaign compliance approved.
Your marketing program is up and running.



10-Minute Standard Production $12,000 One-Time Production Cost
10-Minute Semi-Custom Production $17,000 One-Time Production Cost
10-Minute Full Custom Production $26,500 One-Time Production Cost
Click here to calculate monthly payments.


All packages include Guaranteed Reach and monthly Proof of Performance reporting

30,000 Minimum Impressions Monthly $650 Monthly
60,000 Minimum Impressions Monthly $1,200 Monthly
100,000 Minimum Impressions Monthly $1,650 Monthly


How do you promote my presentation to tens of thousands of prospects every month?
Primarily through advertising on popular search engines and social networks. Our campaigns also leverage email, social media posts, and other means to help you get the widest reach possible.

How do I know the right type of prospects are seeing my presentation?
We work with you to select qualifying geographic and demographic criteria so that we are only advertising to those you approve in advance. Further, we provide you with a monthly report showing demographic reach, gender targeting, ad performance, and more.

What if I want more exposure than what is included in the advertising packages you offer?
No problem! We can prepare a custom quote for you. Before you increase your budget though, we recommend using one of our existing packages for six months so we can fine tune the results.

Are results guaranteed?
Absolutely! We stand behind our results. So much so, that we offer an ROI GUARANTEE. Our platform will track every lead you receive for twelve months. If you haven’t converted those leads into net new assets or commissions and generated a return on your investment by the end of your year with us, we’ll refund 110% of every dollar you’ve spent! In other words, you’re guaranteed to make money if you use our program -- one way or another! How many marketing companies do you know that guarantee results?

What if I’m not a good presenter?
We will give you some tips ahead of time and our expert presenters will coach you through the entire filming process. Further, we will use our post-production abilities to showcase you in the best possible way. If you’re a really terrible presenter though, we may not be able to help you. Just being honest. Smile.

Will this take the place of my current marketing efforts?
Possibly, but you won’t know for sure until a few months have passed. We recommend using this to supplement your existing marketing until you’re confident that the volume and quality of the leads you are receiving is sufficient to support your business.

How does this work with my current website?
We recommend installing a simple widget on the homepage of your website to promote your presentation. This is an excellent way to convert website visitors into qualified prospects! We will provide you with instructions on how to do this and your website company will have no problem doing so.

What presentation should I give?
We have proven presentation templates that can be personalized for your business and that are designed to appeal to specific audiences. If you already have a presentation you would like to give, that is possible too, though there may be extra charges for scripting and design.

Why is this presentation only 10 or 15 minutes in length? I’m accustomed to presenting for an hour or more.
Extensive research shows that online presentations need to be much shorter than in-person presentations, if you want to hold attention. By thoughtfully condensing your presentation, you will be able to say more with fewer words, thus having a greater impact on your viewers and achieving better results.

I still want my presentation to be longer than what you offer in your packages. Is that possible?
Sure it’s possible, but we don’t recommend it. If you’re confident that’s what you need, the production cost is $749 for each additional minute of footage. We may also need to schedule you for an extra day of production in our studio.

What about compliance?
You will submit your script and presentation graphics for compliance in advance of filming. Once approved, no additional changes to the video content are permitted. After we complete production of your video and marketing campaign, we will provide you with a complete package you can send to compliance for final review. Making compliance revisions is included in the price.

How long will it take before I’ll be up and running?
The combination of pre-production, production, and post-production typically requires between 60 and 90 days to complete, depending on how responsive you and your compliance department are.

I don’t think this can take the place of meeting prospects in person. Can you convince me otherwise?
We wouldn’t try. For some personalities, there is no replacement for a handshake and a sit down. For others, such as introverts, this virtual meeting format is a dream come true. Even if you never stop holding public events, this is a great way to engage an entirely new set of prospects who would never attend a traditional seminar. Plus, you can use the program to re-engage with no-shows from other events you hold.

In Robert’s presentation, he said that this program generates more than twice the exposure for roughly one-third of the cost of a traditional seminar. How is that possible?
Actually, that was a conservative estimate. Here’s an example of how that breaks down with our lowest priced packages. With larger packages, the value is even greater.

Does this program lock me into a monthly contract?
Not if you pay in full. If you would prefer not to be locked into a 12 month agreement, you may pay 50% down and the remaining 50% when your campaign is ready for launch. For most of our clients though, the flexibility of 12-months interest-free financing makes the contract worthwhile. You can calculate monthly payments here.

Must I be a Snappy Kraken subscriber to use this service?
Yes. Your entire campaign will run on the Snappy Kraken platform. Plus, you’ll also want to use other Snappy Kraken campaigns to continue nurturing leads long-term. The monthly cost for your Snappy Kraken subscription is a separate fee.