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Understanding Campaigns & Contacts


Popular Video • 7 Minutes

What Campaigns Do I Use?

Unsure what to use? Here’s a refresh on our most popular campaigns.


10 Minutes

Lead Generation Campaigns

Build awareness through regularly launching multi-channel campaigns, here’s how.


6 Minutes

Visual Insights Newsletters

Put great content in front of your clients & prospects with our newsletters.


7 Minutes

Personal Connection Videos

Add a new medium to your marketing by incorporating video into the strategy.


12 Minutes

How To Launch A Campaign

New to the platform? Here’s how to launch a campaign from start to finish!


5 Minutes

Managing Your Contacts

Understand how to fully manage your groups and contacts in our platform.


5 Minutes

Understanding Lead Score

How to dive deep into your contacts analytics and understand the data.

Setting Up For Success


3 Minutes

Exploring The Snappy Library

Get to know Snappy products and how to navigate our library resources.


2 Minutes

Understanding Platform Analytics

Make sense of your analytics and see how your campaigns are performing.


2 Minutes

Changing Business Information

Need to make changes to your account? This video with walk you through.


1 Minute

Editing Your Email Signature

Learn how to get your email signature just right for your campaigns.