New Member Roadmap

Our Proven Process

New Member Roadmap

Take one step at a time. There’s no need to rush. Thoroughness is more important than speed.

Days 1 – 7

Step 1 – Account Setup

Complete the account setup process

 Complete The Setup Wizard

Login to the system and follow our step by step guided onboarding. If you need assistance, you can let us know using our Live Chat button in the bottom right hand corner of the platform.

Setting Up Your DNS

This is one of the more difficult steps in the onboarding process. Learn what DNS is and why it is so important to set up.

Additional Assistance

Need even more help? Book a one-on-one meeting with an onboarding specialist.

Days 3 – 14

Step 2 – The Fundamentals

Learn the basics of Snappy Kraken

 The Fundamentals

Navigate to our Success Center where you can watch on-demand training videos and access our knowledge base.

 Intro to Success Workshop

Discover the essential campaigns you’ll need to launch first, and receive an introduction to the member success team who will be supporting you.

Further Your Training

Need a one-on-one strategy session? Book a meeting with a member of our success team.

Days 5 – 21

Step 3 – The Essentials

Lay a foundation for success by activating essential campaigns.

  Launch Your First Campaign

Send your First-Time Marketing Intro Email to prime your existing list.

 Prepare for Prospects

Activate your 8-Week Prospect Nurturing Campaign for the new opt-ins you’ll be getting.

Initiate a New Onboarding Experience

Activate your 90-Day New Client Campaign to wow new clients and increase referral rates.

Days 14 – 31

Step 4 – The Fun Begins

Start launching fresh content for clients and prospects.

 Lead Generation Launch

Launch your first Lead Generation campaign to your prospect list and social media followers.

  Newsletter Launch

Launch your first Newsletter campaign to your client list and social media followers.

Smile for The Camera

Launch your first Video campaign to your clients and prospects.

Days 31 – 60

Step 5 – Consistency

Make Snappy Kraken part of your routine

 Continually Launching

Log in weekly to review your results and queue up fresh content for launch.

Stay on the Bleeding Edge

Attend success workshops (at least one a month) to learn the latest tips and trends.

 Talk Strategy with Success

Get one-on-one help whenever you need it.

Days 60 – Infinity

Step 6 – The Growth Never Stops

Explore advanced strategies to accelerate your results.

 Reach a Wider Audience

Attend online advertising workshops and learn how to generate fresh leads.

Nurture, Nurture, Nurture

Activate specialized lead-nurturing sequences.

Launch Event Campaigns

Promote an event for clients or prospects.

How We Achieve Success Together

Our Committment

Research based, proven methods

Fresh, purposeful content every month

Content that’s compliant and conveniently archived

Ever-improving technology

Guidance and support

Your Committment

Commit to following our proven process

Consistently publish the content we provide

Follow your firm’s compliance guidelines

Be willing to learn and use our platform

Take advantage of the resources and support we offer