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  45 min   • Start Here

Learn It! Workshop

If you’re newer to Snappy Kraken, this webinar is for you. Our Learn It! Workshop will help you get started successfully with our program. During our time together, we will:

    • Learn the proven strategy behind the Cold-to-Gold Framework
    • Share tips on how to navigate our award-winning content library
    • Tour the resources page to show you where you can access tools, resources, and tutorials to help you leverage our program
    • Review the First Time Marketing Email and help you launch it!

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  45 min   •   Next Step

Launch It! Liftoff Workshop

In this workshop, we’ll dive DEEP into the Cold to Gold Framework, and Marketing Mix to ensure you are using the very BEST strategy for your digital marketing! This is a great workshop to start with if you’re just starting out with us and want to learn best practices.

Need help launching a specific campaign? Our On-Demand Video Library offers past live workshops where we discuss and launch a specific campaign featured in our Marketing Mix!


  45 min   •   Advanced

Track It! Workshop

You’ve been launching campaigns… now what? If this has been a question on your mind, then the Track It! Workshop is for you! During this workshop, we will talk about how to manage your leads and continue to nurture them so that you can move closer towards your goal of turning prospects into clients.

During the Track It! Workshop we will…

  • Review the Dashboard and understand what it can tell us
  • Identify interested prospects and clients
  • Follow up with form submissions
  • Review the Cold to Gold Framework

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All Levels

Need more help?

Take a look at our On-Deman Video library for How-Tos and best practices! Need a question answered right now? Our support team is ready to help. Use our Live Chat, at the bottom right-hand corner to start talking with one of our experts.

  1 hour   •   Beginner

Launch It! Marketing Mix Workshop

Launch a whole month’s worth of marketing in just 1 hour with a member of our team. Join us every fourth Friday at 11 AM ET.


This workshop is recommended for those clients who want to build a consistent and effective marketing strategy.

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  45 min   •   All Levels

Marketing Workshop

Want to see more results from your marketing? Check out our on-demand library for Marketing Workshops that teach you how to incorporate a variety of proven strategies to earn contacts, start conversations, and more

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