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Live Workshops

Join us on our LIVE workshops.

Live Workshops

  45 min   •   Beginner

Learn It! Workshop

If you’re newer to Snappy Kraken, this webinar is for you. Our Learn It! Workshop will help you get started successfully with our program. During our time together, we will:

  • Learn the proven strategy behind the Cold-to-Gold Framework
  • Share tips on how to navigate our award-winning content library
  • Tour the resources page to show you where you can access tools, resources, and tutorials to help you leverage our program
  • Review the First Time Marketing Email and help you launch it!
  • Watch a Replay

  45 min   •   Beginner

Launch It! Sessions

These sessions are a great opportunity to ensure that you are launching a campaign each week. On this call, we will talk about a specific campaign featured in our Marketing Mix, review the campaign elements and make recommendations on how you can further customize, and help you launch the campaign to your prospects and clients before the session is over!

  • June 2: Travel Trends Visual Insights Newsletter
  • June 9: Millennial Money Moves Lead Generation Campaign
  • June 16: 8-Week Prospect Nurturing Campaign (with video)
  • June 23: Personal Connection Video| The Power of Uncertainty
  • June 24: July Marketing Mix Workshop
  • June 30: 90- Day Client Onboarding Campaign

  45 min   •   Advanced

Track It! Workshop

You’ve been launching campaigns… now what? If this has been a question on your mind, then the Track It! Workshop is for you! During this workshop, we will talk about how to manage your leads and continue to nurture them so that you can move closer towards your goal of turning prospects into clients.

During the Track It! Workshop we will…

  • Review the Dashboard and understand what it can tell us
  • Identify interested prospects and clients
  • Follow up with form submissions
  • Review the Cold to Gold Framework

Watch a Replay

  1 hour   •   All Levels

Ask Me Anything Hour

Want more information? Twice a month, a member of our Member Engagement Team will be hosting a live Ask Me Anything Hour to answer your questions about growing your business using the Cold-to-Gold Framework, launching content, and best practices.

Watch a Replay

  1 hour   •   Beginner

Marketing Mix Workshop

Launch a whole month’s worth of marketing in just 1 hour with a member of our team. Join us every fourth Friday at 11 AM ET.

This workshop is recommended for those members who want to build a consistent and effective marketing strategy.

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  45 min   •   Intermediate

Marketing Workshop

Want to learn more about our proven strategy? Attend our monthly Marketing Workshop to learn how to implement the strategies behind the Cold-to-Gold Framework and put them to work for you by using our Marketing Mix and platform features. Register for our workshop on the first Wednesday of the month at 2 PM EST.

Recharge Your Marketing This Summer: How to Stay Plugged In (Even When You Unplug)

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Watch June’s Workshop

  25 min   •   All Levels

How Advertising With AdBoost Can Help Fill Your Pipeline Faster

This webinar will help expand your knowledge on our AdBoost program, advertising as a whole, and tips on how to set yourself up for success with our program.